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American Finances Updates: $250 Child Tax Rebate and $300 Stimulus Check are

Hello everyone and welcome along to this Friday May 13th’s American Finances live blog. As we do in this space every day, we’ll bring you the latest financial news, benefits programs updates and money-saving tips from across the USA.

Even though federal stimulus checks are a thing of the past, there are some other state-run programs that are putting money in the pockets of low-income and medium-income families.

This includes a one-off no-questions-asked 300 dollar stimulus check that is being sent out to Delawareans this May.

There is also a 250 dollar child tax credit payment coming to certain taxpayers in Connecticut, following a new piece of legislation signed this week.

Even if you’re not from Delaware or Connecticut, there are many other benefits programs available and we’ll break some of them down for you.

The latest financial updates and benefits news in the USA

As well as our information on the most significant benefits programs, we’ll also explain all you need to know about your 2021 tax return and what to do if you haven’t received your tax refund yet. We’ll explain why they’re taking so long in some places, especially Georgia, and how to access the quick and easy tool where you can use to check the status of your tax refund application.

As we do every day, we’ll also be sure to inform you of the most interesting breaking news from the financial world. If a major deal is going through or if there is a significant development that could affect inflation or gas prices further, we’ll be discussing it.

And, to help combat inflation, we’ll have some money-saving tips for you to keep everyday costs down.

So, as there is every day, there is a lot that will be discussed on this Friday’s live blog for the USA’s latest financial news.

You can follow along with all of our updates, with the most recent ones coming nearest the top of this page.

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